what is difference between abstract class and interface in java

In this tutorial we will learn what is the significance of  Abstract class and Interface  and what is the  difference between abstract class and interface in java. In java basically to implement/achieve the one of powerful feature “abstraction” we need use either Abstract class and Interface, both have abstract methods. There are some cases when […]

Write a program to generate a random integer in a specified range




Serialization in Java

Java provides a mechanism called Serialization nothing but conevrting Java object as a stream of bytes which includes the object’s data as well as information about the object’s type and the types of data stored in the object. By using Serialization mechanism we can persist the object state in file or DB,the reverse mechanism i.e reading […]

How To Convert String To Char Array In Java

In this tutorial we can see how to convert String to Char Array in Java, see the below example code.