Struts Helloworld Example

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a simple hello world example in Struts1.

Technologies used in this article :

1. Struts1.3
2. Maven 1.4
3. Eclipse 4.2
4. JDK 1.5

1. Create Maven Web project in Eclispe and add the Maven  dependencies like as as below Maven’s pom.xml file.

2. Configure the Action Servlet in web.xml .

3. Implement the Form bean named “HelloForm” .

4. Implement the Action class  named “HelloAction”

5. Configure the Action Class and form bean in struts-config.xml like as below.

6. Finally  Project Structure in Eclipse should like as below.


7. Configure the Tomcat server In eclipse , Deploy and run the “Hello World struts Application” .

Use the URL in browser like ‘http://localhost:8080/StrutsHelloWorld/’





Download  Source Code


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