How to Inject object reference to bean Example

In this tutorial we will learn how to inject values to bean via beans configuration file (beans.xml) in Spring 4.1. Technologies used in this article : 1. Spring 4.1.1 2. Maven 1.4 3. Eclipse 4.2 4. JDK 1.6 5. Spring IDE

1. Add Spring 4.1 Dependencies to the project

Please add the Spring 4.1 dependencies like as in below Maven’s pom.xml file.

2. Implement Spring bean classes




3. Configuration of bean class.

Configure the java classes in  bean.xml file like as below. here if you see we are injecting  AccountDetails type to BankService class

4. Project Structure in Eclipse.

springsetter_objectreference                       5. Run the test program.


Download Source Code

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